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Dino Mundi

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TTDI 21 -T-Rex Track

TTDI 20- Triceratops Track Set


Snow & Stella


These were the only "problems" reported so far:

1- No Sound in the App?

Solution: Click the mute button on screen 


2- Snow Bear is not connecting to APP or Snow TV or paw doesn't turn blue

Solution: To connect with the App and Snow TV ,  Snow paw's light must be blue. 

You can change color by pressing the paw.

If Paw is not turning blue, please check if the "ON/OFF/TryMe" switch in the battery compartment is turned ON. App and TV only work if the switch is on ON position.      If on Try Me it will only answer voice commands and will not turn Blue.

Product Manuals:

Snow Plush Bear 



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