Immersive Play is changing the  way content interacts with physical products and Home IOT

As Home IOT (Internet of Things), AR/VR/MR and other technologies evolve, content is finally able to interact beyond screens, allowing products and the whole house to interact together and tell stories or play games.

Since 2008 ImmPlay is the pioneer at taking content beyond screens and creator of the concept of "Immersive Play"

Millions of kids from over 30 countries have played with our products, as we partnered with the world's most famous brands

We have received some of the world's most prestigious awards, topped Apple's charts and have been loved all over the globe!

We also got support from these incredible institutions:

Want to learn more? Here is our amazing entrepreneurial story, told by our founder Marco Carvalho  at the Amazon Inventions Tour

Snow Bear

The safest and most interactive toy to date


Enjoy separately or together

Products, Apps and others can be enjoyed separately or together for super experiences

Dinosaurs alive!

Meet dinomundi
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Interactive products

All DinoMundi products interact with the Augmented Reality APP, bringing dinosaurs to life

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